Compliance Mapper Management & Implementation Support

Compliance Mapper’s Centralized, Secure, Web-based Solution Supports Implementation and Management of Long Term Governance and Compliance (G&C) Requirements with:

  • Rapid implementation of G&C best practices and controls for regulatory requirements and standards across multiple industries
  • Mapping technology to link, organize and archive procedures, policies, best practices and controls to multiple standards, regulations and best practices
  • Centralized policy, procedural, reference and record documentation repositories easily mapped to controls and best practice frameworks
  • Automated assessment questionnaires for auditing and monitoring
  • Built in assessment workflow, assignment and audit trailing for continued compliance assurance
  • Conditional email reminder notifications
  • Powerful, customizable reporting across projects
  • Increased visibility into the impact that business value controls and policies can have on an organization
  • Overall – you work the way you are used to working

Compliance Mapper Will Help With:

  • Compliance strategies and projects – linking controls infrastructures and associated documentation to regulations and standards
  • IT governance infrastructure
  • Business protection enterprise architectures (security)
  • Enterprise architectures
  • Projects needing consolidated storage of information
  • Historical archiving, document repository for referencing and file sharing
  • Legal referencing and file sharing
  • Library referencing
  • Mapping data flows
  • Miscellaneous referencing and linking projects