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Compliance Mapper™ Overview – An overview of Compliance Mapper, an enterprise, web based product that gives organizations the ability to easily map, display and organize multiple controls, regulations, standards and best practices to associated policies and procedures. It creates a compliance landscape and organization strategy that can be continuously monitored, measured and managed.


Compliance Mapper™ Relationship Mapping– Review how relationships between assets, incidents, policies, procedures, standards, regulations can all be easily mapped and managed.


Assessments– Review how assessments are in Compliance Mapper and myRiskAssessor, all assessments can be linked to policies, procedures, incidents, or whatever was created. Custom question answer per question.


myRiskAssessor Overview –  Review how myRiskAssessor makes managing assets,their associated risks, business impact analysis and assessments easier – built in alignment to ISO 27002 and NIST.


Compliance Mapper™ Framework Creation – Watch the simple Compliance Mapper process to create Dynamic Compliance Frameworks (incident management, change management, corrective action, configuration management).


Compliance Mapper™ Reporting – Review different reports that help manage documents, mapping relationships, activity logs and visual interactions to see all the relationships between different policies, procedures, regulations and standards.