The Newest Standards, Regulations and Best Practices Supported by Compliance Mapper™

The C2CSmartCompliance Content Library now contains in excess of 10,000 Regulations, Standards and Best Practices.

The Content Library has been built and maintained by C2C. The deliver difference is that when we works with our clients we customize the solution to meet their needs. We do not believe that “drinking from the fire-hose” (getting more than you need) is a viable solution, something that most content providers deliver. The C2C service follows

  • Baseline Regulatory Library developed in Compliance Mapper.
  • Compliance Mapper Regulatory Change Management Module
  • Regulatory Monitoring for changes within a specified scope.
  • Create Regulatory Change Record.
  • Send Regulatory Alert.
  • Regulatory Changes linked to Regulatory Library content.
  • Regulatory Library updated when a regulatory change becomes effective and is made available by the source.

The C2C methodology is a proven process. We offer content to our clients and in addition, to any organization needing up to date information. We have working partnerships in place to provide regulatory content to other GRC vendors.

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