Compliance Mapper Capabilities and Benefits

Ability to Create Customized Frameworks – Examples Include:

  • IT Governance Framework
  • Implementation Guidance
  • Reference Material
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Guidelines and Checklist
  • Process Flow
  • Software Development Lifecyle (SDLC)
  • Data Vault for records and document management
  • Audit Planning Guidance
  • Technical/Personal Content Library
  • Education Material
  • Project Management
  • CMDB Asset lists
  • Risk Models
  • Security Development Lifecycle (SDL)

Questions Compliance Mapper Will Answer:

  • Does your organization manage compliance and regulatory requirements with multiple documents stored in different locations or do you rely on the undocumented knowledge of a few resources? (Policy and Document Management)
  • Does your organization need to comply with multiple regulations, standards and best practices? (Compliance Management)
  • Do you have a strategy that includes risk models and continuous assessments to ensure compliance? (Risk Management)
  • Is your organization currently compliant and up to date? (Audit Management)
  • How do you link these to policies and procedures?
  • If you turn off a control or add a new infrastructure, do you know what effect it has on other regulations and standards?
  • Have you implemented controls that had no business value but ended up costing the organization money?
  • Can you reference the latest documents?

Compliance Assessments & Combined Streamlined Reports Have Many Benefits

  • Insight into multiple overlapping regulations
  • Proof of compliance to auditors and executives
  • Faster completion of audit and administrative work
  • Helps to prioritize and target areas of unique risk for department managers
  • Identifies and highlights critical issues that need immediate attention
  • Enhances work flow and enforcement of remediation efforts