Compliance Mapper™ is a web based product that gives organizations the ability to easily map, display and organize multiple controls, regulations, standards and best practices to associated policies and procedures. It creates a compliance landscape and organization strategy that can be continuously monitored, measured and managed. Compliance Mapper is the most comprehensive, interactive, and easy-to-use tool in the industry. Simply “point and click” for access to thousands of standards, regulations and best practices that are imported and mapped in our multi-directional format. Read More

Regulatory Alert and Compliance Management (RACM) RACM integrates C2C Compliance Mapper™ with IBM OpenPages™ GRC platform to streamline compliance and risk functions. RACM was developed to solve compliance management issues currently facing organizations in heavily regulated fields, organizations with global footprints and any organization that must comply with data security and privacy regulatory frameworks.

RACM offers a full menu of compliance capabilities, including custom regulatory libraries and regulatory alerts, as well as a wealth of compliance analytics tools. Many organizations currently manage compliance using diverse and ad hoc solutions and processes that only address small segments overall compliance concerns. Compliance management can now be handled in one GRC platform, that is flexible enough to accommodate any organization’s compliance program and provides increased compliance management assurances. Read More

Compliance Assessment Professional™ (CAP) addresses complex and costly regulatory compliance issues by offering consistent and standardized reports that support business requirements, governance, compliance, recognized standards, business processes and management needs. Unlike inconsistent paper-based assessments, CAP offers accountability, flexibility and storage of reports and results. This cost effective framework centralizes multiple regulations, standards and process alignments enabling business managers, risk professionals, auditors, assessors and consultants to formalize and standardize assessments, audits and risk analysis. CAP promotes business architecture alignment and dramatically increases and accelerates management control of organizational information that affects risk management, compliance, business process and security. Read More

MyRiskAssessor™ (myRA) addresses the challenges of protecting assets with a cost effective solution that conducts Risk Assessments, Business Impact Assessments (BIA) and risk assessments to provide management process visibility and risk control. myRA estimates the likelihood of exposure from numerous threats, vulnerabilities and identifies the policies and procedures needed to control risk exposures. Identifying asset risk is increasingly complex and costly and increased accountability from stakeholders, industries and government is being demanded more now than ever. myRA offers an affordable solution that is easy to understand and use by managers and staff. Read More