Foreign-Owned Telecommunications Company Achieves Unqualified Attestation


US regulations require foreign-owned businesses that transport data, including voice and application data, across borders to comply with federal laws. A major global foreign-owned telecommunications company turned to Consult2Comply for assistance in obtaining attestation to federal and international laws and regulations.

How We Helped

Consult2Comply initiated a project to create a comprehensive strategy to show evidence of compliance to various security agency requirements. Our project included the creation and use of a control framework linked to assessments and internal policies being used worldwide.

The strategy was adopted by all concerned parties and extended across international boundaries – saving inestimable amounts of time and human capital to validate all compliance activities.


The telecommunications company successfully obtained an unqualified attestation in its first year of compliance without any significant deficiencies and is now self sufficient in sustaining a long-term compliance posture for federal and international laws and regulations.

Why Consult2Comply

We are fortunate to have a strong international reputation in the G&C community“, explained Steve Crutchley, Consult2Comply President and CEO. “Once this client saw the extraordinary number of standards, regulations and best practices we have imported into our Compliance Mapper platform, and our unique and easy to use multi-directional mapping format, they knew we could assist them in quickly achieving compliance and also in achieving self sufficiency in sustaining a long-term compliance posture.