Client Success

Compliance Mapper – “The thing I like the most about Compliance Mapper is that it can be used as a Neural Network for a wide variety of people from different disciplines. Compliance Mapper is able to capture the structure and relationship of many regulations and international controls applicable to an organization, as well as the linkage of those external elements to the internal policies, standards, processes, procedures, tasks and points of internal accountability. This neural network view is an over the horizon line of sight from operation tasks all the way through executive responsibility and board level accountability. With the mapping to regulation, this mesh-worked line of sight is also available from regulations through internal controls down to the specific controls that will provide the evidence of compliance.  The flexibility to map using a neural network style of nodes and links means that Compliance Mapper can rapidly build up a contextual view of compliance which becomes a corporate memory as both the regulations and internal organization evolves.” Alf Rock of Alkamind Consulting



Foreign-Owned Telecommunications Company Achieves Unqualified Attestation – US regulations require foreign-owned businesses that transport data, including voice and application data, across borders to comply with federal laws. A major global foreign-owned telecommunications company turned to C2C SmartCompliance for assistance in obtaining attestation to federal and international laws and regulations. Read More

Large International Bank Group Ensures Compliance Across National and International Borders – Growth opportunities abound for banking institutions that have survived and thrived despite the global economic downturn. As a Canadian-based bank group prepared to make significant international acquisitions, management requested assistance in creating and extending their financial, risk and control framework across boundaries. They turned to C2C SmartCompliance for assistance. Read More

Federal Agency – Delivering a Successful Security Governance Strategy to a Federal Agency – US federal government agencies require strict security governance strategies to protect sensitive information and comply with various security controls. Recently a high profile US government agency sought C2C SmartCompliance’s assistance in developing mapping services for federal regulations to create a Security Governance Strategy.  Read More

Government Contractors Achieve ISO 20000 Certification in 2.5 Months – US federal government contractors are required to prove ISO 20000 certification in order to compete for government contracts. ISO/IEC 20000 is the first international standard for IT Service Management. Formally: ISO 20000-1 (‘part 1’) “promotes the adoption of an integrated process approach to effectively deliver managed services to meet the business and customer requirements.” Recently C2C SmartCompliance was engaged by four organizations to provide ISO 20000 implementation services, so they could retain active status for serving the government’s strict and highly prescriptive regulations and procurement guidelines.  Read More

Facility Planners Inc- Facility Planners has recently used the Compliance Assessment Professional for an ISO audit of a large customer. A quote from the Facility Planners lead consultant: “I have used the product and can tell you that it makes ISO auditing easier then you can imagine. CAP isn’t bogged down by unnecessary features and tools that you will never use. It is a straight forward, easy to use product that does the job well and makes preparing for any audit simple and quick.”

Moorhill International Group, Inc – Moorhill group is company dedicated to the principles and methodologies in the fields of integrating ISO 9001 (QMS), ISO 14001 (EMS), OHSAS 18001 (HSMS), and ISO 27001 (ISMS) management systems. They provide up-to-date training and consultancy on integrating management systems to interested companies worldwide and recently purchased C2C SmartCompliance‘s Compliance Assessment Professional and Risk Asset Professional products.

Dr. Erik Myhrberg, CEO of Moorhill stated “In this extremely complex and competitive global marketplace finding a real solution to real issues is a blessing. C2C SmartCompliance offers software products designed to meet everyday needs. The RAP (Risk Asset Professional) and CAP (Compliance Assessment Professional) have streamlined our projects and improved our productivity. These are quality products!

DR Consulting – DR Consulting, a Management Consulting firm, recently began utilizing two of C2C SmartCompliance‘s products, the Compliance Assessment Professional and the Risk Assessment Professional. The organization was looking for a solution to reduce manual assessment activities during ISO 27001 engagements. ISO 27001 implementations can be complex when determining a client’s assets and the associated risks via manual assessment processes. The exponential nature of the task when done manually can be daunting.

David Rigg, Managing Principal of DR Consulting said “C2C SmartCompliance’s Compliance Assessment Professional and Risk Assessment Professional are outstanding products that are easy to use, fast and utilize state of the art methodology for providing expedient ISO 27001 consulting assistance. The products save the organization and my clients considerable time and money with their ability to list, track, and assess all the associated risks involved with a client’s respective organizations. The intuitive nature of C2C SmartCompliance’s products and the time savings it brings to my clients provide me a competitive edge for my consulting practice.”