EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance Made Easy


Many organizations are struggling to maintain compliance with the myriad of privacy regulations in jurisdictions where they operate or have clients. The fast pace of changes to privacy regulations, and passage of new privacy regulations adds to the complexity of maintaining compliance. Further, the risks of non-compliance are higher than ever, including government fines, civil penalties and, maybe most importantly these days, loss of reputation/clients. GDPR compliance has been particularly onerous for organizations that process personal data relating to individuals in the EU. But GDPR compliance can be simplified.

GDPR came into force in May 2018, but many companies are still working to ensure compliance and avoid non-compliance penalties. C2C SmartCompliance has used its Compliance Mapper application to solve these complex compliance issues for years. In our view, best practices start with identification of Requirements/Obligations in GDPR (or any regulation), and mapping those Requirements to a client’s Privacy Policies, Privacy Notices and Privacy/Information Security Controls. This is exactly what Compliance Mapper was built to do. In fact, the Requirements in GDPR are already designated in Compliance Mapper, which allows for point and click mapping to a client’s policies and controls.

With mappings in hand, Compliance Mapper’s risk and assessment tools can be used to do GDPR risk analysis and compliance assessment. In addition, Compliance Mapper allows additional privacy or data security regulations to be easily incorporated in an organization’s mappings and assessment template, allowing a blended compliance review that covers all relevant privacy regulations. And when the next annual review comes due, or an auditor or regulator is looking at privacy compliance, mappings and assessment templates can be reported out of Compliance Mapper at any time to support compliance assurance.

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