Regulatory Change Management

Manage the regulatory changes impacting your organization and maintain compliance using C2C SmartCompliance’s (C2C) Regulatory Change Management solution.  Increase the efficiency of the change management process with filtered alerts that feed changes to only those regulations that are relevant to your organization and receive mappings showing how those changes relate to your organization’s policies, procedures, controls, line of business, geographic entities, and other organizational assets.

C2C’s Regulatory Change Management solution ensures that your organization’s compliance library will include the most current regulations, standards and mappings.  Our solution provides assurances of regulatory compliance, a proven methodology for managing regulatory changes, and reporting tools to respond to management and regulator inquiries regarding compliance.


Our Regulatory Change Management solution leverages the unique ability of Compliance Mapper™ to quickly import and map content.  When a regulatory change occurs, alerts provide actionable intelligence regarding the change, including text of the regulation with changes highlighted, as well as associated mappings customized to an organization’s needs.  This allows our clients to rapidly get information regarding the change in the hands of decision makers, so they can take actions necessary to modify policies, procedures and controls to maintain compliance.


Action taken in response to regulatory changes can be managed through Compliance Mapper™, or information regarding a change can be fed directly into an organization’s workflow tool.  Through C2C’s partnership with IBM, we can feed changes and mappings via an API directly to the OpenPages enterprise GRC platform.  Using the extensive export capabilities available through Compliance Mapper™, data regarding regulatory changes can also be fed into other enterprise platforms, including an organization’s custom GRC workflow software.