The Newest Standards, Regulations and Best Practices Supported by Compliance Mapper™

Compliance Mapper™ allows point and click mapping between numerous regulations, standards and frameworks. C2C’s goal is to ensure that Compliance Mapper™ works in conjunction with all frameworks, current standards, regulations and best practices. The aim of Mappings/Crosswalks is to provide an organization line of sight from (as example) Policies to Control libraries into the regulatory world. Without these mapping and line of sight it is difficult for organization to be fully aligned with their regulatory and policy obligations.

Managing and mapping regulations and standards requires the ability to see the relationships that standards have on your business practices as well as being able to see the impact that changes may have on your current policies and procedures. In the current climate of regulatory concerns it‘s imperative to understand the impact (cascading effect) of a required change across the organization. C2C has developed a trace process for all its standards that identifies all components or areas of concern when a change occurs and allows the compliance manager to contact all stakeholders to ensure that the change and release process is conducted correctly and that all concerned parties are aware of the situation. Mapping to new regulations, standards and best practices has never been easier.

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