The C2C B-GRC Approach – Knowing The Rules

The C2C SmartCompliance (C2C) B-GRC Methodology and approach will ensure that your compliance strategy is defined and implemented seamlessly. We will help you develop and build an audit-ready compliance program that supports governance activities using our web-based product, Compliance Mapper™. Our exclusive compliance management software enables you to manage your diverse and global environments – ensuring compliance in all departments throughout the organization. The C2C Compliance Mapper methodology will easily create and allocate responsibilities for the compliance framework and collect documentation to prove and validate compliance and governance for audits. This includes applicable and known regulations, risk scenarios, implemented standards and best practices, linked and mapped to policies, procedures and other business-supporting activities – giving you an overall view, control and a complete understanding of your GRC landscape.


  • A cohesive strategy including regulations mapping across the entire organization
  • Assigned responsibilities and assessment questionnaires to personnel across the enterprise
  • Use of actual regulations, standards and best practices
  • Enterprise GRC initiatives will not be dominated by IT issues and technology
  • All stakeholders are involved in the process – compliance becomes everybody’s responsibility
  • Assessing and auditing can take place on a regular basis, 24/7
  • Measurement of impact and progress on investments for compliance efforts
  • Ability to quickly identify, assess, document and provide evidence for audits
  • Continuous improvement of the process and making adjustments when necessary

Whether you need to comply with a single regulation or standard or a complex web of requirements, C2C’s Compliance Mapper can help you determine the areas of greatest business impact and create a strategy to effectively address and manage your environment. C2C can help you sustain compliance across multiple standards, regulations and best practices and give you the information required to make informed decisions about areas at risk. Now you can stay on top of your entire enterprise’s compliance initiatives 24/7 or whenever the need arises.

Consult2Comply maintains a comprehensive library of over 200 global regulations, standards and best practices that can be quickly and easily aligned to any organizational policies for compliance, governance and continuous business improvement.

Compliance and governance are a business issue that must be approached and managed from this perspective. Traditionally, this responsibility has been given to IT. C2C has developed methodology that aligns compliance efforts towards business requirements.

C2C will show you how to:

  • Align your IT strategy with your corporate business strategy
  • Implement cascading strategies and frameworks into the operational enterprise
  • Provide organizational structures that facilitate the implementation of strategies and goals
  • Implement the appropriate control framework to support IT and business goals
  • Measure business performance against regulatory requirements