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New Website Offers Mapping Reports of Standards, Regulations & Best Practices Within Existing Compliance Frameworks

Compliance Managers Can Now Select Custom or Pre-Built Mapping Reports for a Complete Picture of Selected Regulations of Interest and How They Relate to Existing Compliance Landscapes.

July 22, 2011 | Reston, Virginia – Consult2Comply, a premier regulatory compliance infrastructure management service provider, announces the launch of their new site, www.ComplianceMappings.com.

This compliance mapping service site’s extraordinary capabilities – producing reports that show users the relationship between selected compliance standards and their exiting frameworks – uses the technology engine behind Consult2Comply’s premiere tool, Compliance Mapper. The new site offers a vast selection of standards, regulations and best practices to use for easily generated comparison reports that are designed to help organizations manage, as well as adjust , compliance management frameworks as operational environments change. A user can build a custom mapping by selecting from the content library and following the easy instructions. Commonly requested pre-built mappings are also available. Any regulations that are not currently on the site can easily be added.

Steve Crutchley, CEO of Consult2Comply states; “We are dedicated to helping organizations solve their internal regulation and compliance issues by giving them a clear picture of how everything is related within their existing compliance landscapes and frameworks. As business changes and new regulations are added, the enterprise must be able to continually prove regulatory compliance to auditors. That is not an easy task if there are several regulations that apply to the way a company conducts business. And it becomes especially daunting if the company is still using paper-based mapping vehicles. Using what’s available now, enterprises are finding that it’s almost impossible to prove their compliance in a timely manner. With our new site capabilities and offerings, a compliance manager can select standards, regulations and best practices and actually map them to others to see the relationship almost instantly”.

Mr. Crutchley went on to say; “We have developed a mapping technology that offers a lot more than what is on the market today. Typical mappings tend to be one-to-one whereas we have the capability to offer one-to-one and one-to-many mappings. Generating a report that shows how those choices are related to other areas of interest is now as easy as a few clicks of the mouse. Our new site provides the tools necessary to automatically tie everything together in a comprehensive manner that can be viewed and shared with the organization’s management and compliance teams”.

For more information and a view of how this new mapping capability website works, visit www.compliancemappings.com. For more information on how Consult2comply can help your company evaluate or restructure your existing compliance framework visit www.consult2comply.com.

Consult2Comply is a premiere GRC firm that provides compliance infrastructure management services, and compliance software and mapping solutions that support international regulatory standards and best practices for commercial and government enterprises. C2C’s web-based, automated compliance platform is designed for improved business performance and audit readiness across the entire organization. Consult2Comply’s blended approach of Managed Compliance Services™ — software plus services as a compliance solution – and Compliance Infrastructure Management™ helps organizations align existing compliance infrastructure with the ever changing regulatory environment. Over 25 years in auditing and consulting in information security and asset management inspired the creation of C2C’s compliance, risk and audit management tools as well as their practical, business-focused approach.

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