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New Features Added to Consult2Comply’s Compliance Mapping Engine

March 21, 2011 | Reston, Virginia – Consult2Comply, a premier regulatory compliance infrastructure management service provider, announced today that many new features have been added to their automated GRC solution, Compliance Mapper™. This powerful content and mapping engine, which allows you to import regulatory and custom generated content, has just been enhanced with Mapping Wizards. These new features enable a mapped set of standards and their attributes to be customized and clearly seen with the link status of compliance in one complete picture and report.

Steve Crutchley, CEO, says “Compliance Mapper continues to evolve as a mature enterprise product for business governance and compliance. Consult2comply is dedicated to making and keeping compliance infrastructure management efforts easy and effective. With these new trace and linking processes, we continue to help organizations become aware of the how changes and new regulations can effect business practices and impact all of their organizational operations.”

The Trace Links Wizard is a compliance analysis tool that lets a user see the paths and links between different regulations, standards and policies. Powerful filtering options enable users to select which controls have been marked as compliant and which ones still need review – all while seeing the upstream and downstream impacts of existing policy controls.

The Tree Relationship Wizard is a powerful touch point identification tool that shows the relationship between multiple regulations, standards and an enterprise’s policies in one report that is easily exportable to CSV, PDF or HTML.

Other new features include the Relationship Viewer. This feature interactively links policies to an unlimited number of regulations. Because a regulation becomes an object, a simple click instantly retrieves a view of the related framework. You can now see and provide a visual perspective of how policies, frameworks and infrastructures are all connected to regulations using a drag and drop capability to resize, arrange and customize your view of mapped standards and their relationships.

Document Publishing is a feature that allows organizations to share important internal governance documents. A compliance manager can now track acceptance of policy for audit reviews using a common workspace to email documents to internal and external personnel for review, acknowledgement and sign off if required.

Custom Reports enable organizations to put their own corporate branding and report descriptions into output reports. Interactive graphs allow the use of dynamically selected filters to create reports in a variety of styles and formats.

Consult2Comply is a premiere GRC firm that provides compliance infrastructure management services, and compliance software and mapping solutions that support international regulatory standards and best practices for commercial and government enterprises. C2C’s web-based, automated compliance platform is designed for improved business performance and audit readiness across the entire organization. Consult2Comply’s blended approach of Managed Compliance Services™ — software plus services as a compliance solution – and Compliance Infrastructure Management™ helps organizations align existing compliance infrastructure with the ever changing regulatory environment. Over 25 years in auditing and consulting in information security and asset management inspired the creation of C2C’s compliance, risk and audit management tools as well as their practical, business-focused approach.

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