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Consult2Comply is Rebranding as C2CSmartCompliance

C2CSmartCompliance is the New Name for an Established Governance, Risk & Compliance Software Provider that Transforms Existing Compliance Infrastructures into Comprehensive Systems

January 3, 2013 – Arlington, Virginia. – Consult2Comply (C2C) announced today that they are rebranding and now using the name C2CSmartCompliance (C2CSmart). The rebranding is in response to a notable shift in the market sector’s need for truly ‘Smart’ GRC solutions. C2CSmart’s planned activities include; significant product developments including new User Interfaces (UI’s), considerable industry related content additions (standards and regulations) and new members of the professional services staff to cover more industry specific needs.

C2CSmart’s model aims to enhance its identity as a provider of intuitive compliance and risk assessment software as a solution and to offer professional services as support for improving and shortening the experience of preparing for regulatory audits.

The use of C2CSmart’s Compliance Mapper™, which includes MyRiskAssessor (MyRA), will help clients build and transform their existing compliance infrastructures into comprehensive systems that are aligned with specific business objectives within the enterprise. The new and reenergized model is designed to enhance the creation and the build of strategic compliance frameworks that are customized to work within a company’s own environment.

New functionality, recently announced, includes the capability to undertake combined assessments and audits across multiple regulatory requirements potentially saving hundreds of audit days, providing significant cost saving for compliance and regulatory issues.

“Compliance Mapper is the only software product on the market that can cover multiple regulations in one assessment,” said Steve Crutchley, CEO. “The rebranding is meant to reflect the expanded scope of C2CSmartCompliance’s products. The clients we serve are operating and planning from more prudent financial and economic perspectives. We feel that we’re very well positioned to keep growing into more of a global, enterprise solution (not just IT) and that really does make sense financially”.

Larry Candler, C2CSmart’s new compliance officer states; “We help clients build a strategic compliance framework in ComplianceMapper that addresses all their related legal, regulatory, and contractual requirements, thereby enabling ‘smart compliance’ which results in fewer one off assessments and less distribution to key operations personnel.” A major banking client recently measured a reduction in time for business partner risk assessments from 4 hours to 45 minutes. They were also able to reduce the time for control selection in the security function from 14 days to less than 1 day.

Prior to joining C2CSmartCompliance, Mr. Candler worked as Manager of Enterprise Information Security Policy and Compliance with a major management consulting firm, where he personally used Compliance Mapper to build their custom strategic compliance framework. Mapping regulatory requirements, assets, risks, policies and procedures to both the ISO 27002 and NIST 800 53 control sets greatly reduced the effort of managing his multiple external audits and enabled reporting to clients in the language they preferred. He was able to achieve compliance with both Sarbanes Oxley and HIPAA concurrently and satisfied numerous client security assessments/audits with increasingly less disruption to operations than previously. Larry joined C2CSmartCompliance to pursue his passion for compliance across multiple markets, industries and geographies.

For many years, Consult2Comply has provided compliance and risk management services to organizations all over the world and now as C2CSmartCompliance, they are committed to continuing. Mr. Crutchley said in closing; “There will be no change in the quality and value received by many of our satisfied clients and all current contracts will remain valid and in effect. We look forward to working collaboratively with client’s in the future on projects that have the potential to transform and change the approach to compliance across their entire enterprise”.

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