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C2CSmartCompliance (Formerly Consult2Comply) Facilitates Another Successful ISO/IEC ISO 17025 Certification

Palindrome Technologies Obtains the First ISO 17025 Accreditation to Validate Security of Next Generation Network Solutions Including LTE and IMS.


January 21, 2013 | Alexandria, VA -C2CSmartCompliance, a premier regulatory compliance software and compliance infrastructure management services provider, announced today that it successfully assisted Palindrome Technologies with its recent ISO/17025 accreditation efforts. This accreditation confirms a high level of expertise and guarantees the quality of validation results provided by Palindrome to its client base.

C2CSmart’s model aims to enhance its identity as a provider of intuitive compliance and risk assessment software as a solution and to offer professional services as support for improving and shortening the experience of preparing for regulatory audits.

Steve Crutchley, CEO of C2CSmartCompliance said: “Palindrome’s business model demanded this certification so it was incredibly important that they pass their audit with flying colors. We used our premiere tool, Compliance Mapper, to build a consolidated compliance check list that followed their compliance framework across the enterprise – which made the process more streamlined and quicker.

Palindrome Technologies serves as a trusted advisor to Telecommunication carriers and product vendors and provides security evaluation and validation services for products and applications deployed in 4G networks, including user equipment, mobile applications and core network elements. Their methodology validates target component’s security and alignment with industry standards and best practices and follows a multi-dimensional approach to provide end-to-end security evaluation of a product at various layers.

Peter Thermos, President & CTO of Palindrome Technologies stated; “I’m not sure there’s a formula or a distinct number that will justify the benefits of working with C2CSmart. You can always put a price on services provided by comparable companies but the value of the relationship and long term benefits that you inherit by working with C2CSmart are far greater and long lasting… If you are looking for a firm to help you go through an ISO certification you can find hundreds of them on the Internet. But if you are looking for a firm that can become an extension of your company as part of your certification – and truly bring long lasting benefits – you have one choice, C2CSmartCompliance”.

About C2CSmartCompliance

C2CSmartCompliance is a premier GRC (governance, risk management and compliance) firm that provides compliance infrastructure management services, as well as compliance software and mapping solutions that support international regulatory standards and best practices for commercial and government enterprises. C2CSmart’s web-based, automated compliance platform is designed for improved business performance and audit readiness across the entire organization. C2CSmartCompliance’s blended approach of Managed Compliance Services™ – software plus Compliance Infrastructure Management™ helps organizations align existing compliance infrastructure with the ever- changing regulatory environment. More than 25 years in auditing and consulting in information security and asset management inspired the creation of their risk and audit management tools as well as their practical, business-focused approach. Please visit www.c2csmartcompliance.com

About Palindrome Technologies

Palindrome Technologies, is a leading provider of Information Security and Assurance professional services. Our performance and commitment to deliver effective solutions to our clients allow us to be recognized as a trusted partner for innovative and best-in-class security solutions and services. Customers include mobile network operators, product vendors financial Institutions, pharmaceutical, utility, insurance companies and government organizations.

Visit www.palindrometech.com for more information.

For more information visit www.c2csmartcompliance.com

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