A Blended Approach to Regulatory Compliance

C2C SmartCompliance is a specialized enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance software and services provider founded by information security, risk and compliance professionals with over 25 years of GRC auditing and consulting experience. The C2C methodology aligns an organization’s compliance strategy with specific business objectives. C2C’s products automate the costly manual processes associated with compliance initiatives, performing tasks in hours that normally take days. We provide stakeholders with a sustainable, business-centric, common operating compliance framework. We refer to this as B-GRC.

Managed Compliance Services™

Business management owns the responsibility for regulatory compliance. This cannot be satisfied, entirely, from an IT perspective. Business-centric compliance (B-GRC) is a services-led engagement requiring specialized knowledge and experience. Because regulatory and policy changes have such a cascading effect on your regulatory posture, the organization must understand the risk, decide what’s best from a business perspective, factor in best practices and create a starting point. This is the foundation of B-GRC.

C2C will help you interpret the standards and regulations that best support your business objectives and build out a custom, common operating compliance framework. Then we will import your custom framework into Compliance Mapper™ and assist you in mapping it out to your selected control environments, allowing you to assess and measure against the best practices that support your business. This blended approach of software plus services, as a compliance solution, is continually being appreciated and validated by our growing international customer base.

Compliance Infrastructure Management™

Compliance is not static. Regulations will change. Business will grow. Policies and procedures will evolve. And the impact must be assessed at the employee level. Your GRC framework must be automated and easily customizable to support on-going regulatory attestation. As the business changes and new regulations are added, the enterprise must be able to continually prove regulatory compliance to auditors.

C2C will manage and update your compliance framework and generate custom testing templates to assess the controls that have been adopted and implemented by the process owners assigned to support specific business objectives. Once your framework is built, C2C will continue to find the commonalities between regulations and controls as the landscape changes. C2C’s Compliance Infrastructure Management is the on-going support of a viable, sustainable common operating compliance framework using a SaaS model. Or, customers can use C2C tools to enhance existing enterprise GRC deployments or license our products independently to integrate them into existing compliance programs.

To Simplify Your Compliance Efforts:

We develop an effective compliance roadmap that manages, measures and aligns corporate objectives to established standards and best practices.

We implement cost-effective solutions and streamlines processes to ensure organizations achieve their compliance objectives.

We ensure processes, polices and procedures are aligned to industry standards, regulations and best practices required for your business success.