Microsoft SDL Pro Network

C2C SmartCompliance (C2C) – A Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) Pro Network Member Recommended Service Provider.

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What is the Microsoft SDL Pro Network?

The Microsoft SDL Pro Network is part of Microsoft’s commitment to enable development organizations outside of Microsoft to develop more secure applications through Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) technologies and prescriptive guidance. The Network itself is a growing group of security consultants, training companies and tool providers that specialize in application security and have substantial experience and expertise with the methodology and technologies of SDL, the industry-leading software security assurance process.

C2CSmartCompliance maps SDL to other requirements

C2C is proud to be a Microsoft SDL Pro Network member. C2C helps businesses compete, comply and continuously improve by enabling them to quickly, efficiently and easily manage, measure and maintain compliance to the myriad of national and international industry standards, regulations and best practices most relevant to their industries’ operations.

Compliance Mapper offers a low cost of entry to help you quickly achieve, maintain and manage continuous SDL compliance requirements while effectively managing entire audit and compliance requirements at surprisingly little cost.

C2C’s Compliance Mapper platform has been endorsed by Microsoft as the container for their SDL content.

Compliance Mapper provides a dynamic web interface that allows mapping key SDL requirements to applicable laws, rules, regulations and best practices for secure software architecture and design.

Compliance Mapper can be used directly by Microsoft’s customers or used with your preferred SDL Pro Network member.

Compliance Mapper quickly ensures accurate setup, creation, continuous maintenance & update of your SDL content, framework and requirements.

Additional Capabilities

Supports SDL developers and trainers on the impact of SDL on any organization’s compliance strategy.

Rapidly maps technical, management and regulatory controls to standards, best practices and organizational policy.

Provides an interactive mapping/project management tool to manage SDL across an entire enterprise.

Built in repository function allows clients to store documents and attach artifacts alongside specific SDL requirements – all accessible from one location.

Simplified SDL assessments/gap analyses – that can show organizational or product deficiencies that require remediation.

Dynamically displays how your SDL affects the large number of agency requirements, standards, regulations and best practices, including OMB, FISCAM, GAO, NIST, PCI, HIPAA, and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.

To see how C2C SmartCompliance can help add value to your SDL requirements, please request an online demo or call us at 703-872-7340.