Mapping is the process of linking organizational components across the organization. This may include, regulations, standards, best practices, policies, procedures, training, audits, reviews, and/or identified organizational processes.

In the current climate of regulatory concerns, it is imperative to understand the impact (cascading effect) of a required change across the organization. For example; the access control policies is about to change due to the implementation of a new standard. Question – What is the effect of this change and who does it affect?

C2C has developed a trace process that, when a change occurs, the program identifies all components or areas of concern.This allows the compliance manager to contact all stakeholders to ensure that the change and release process is conducted correctly and that all concerned parties are aware of the situation.

In addition to the mapping capability, there is a feature that allows you to attach a link and mapping status which identifies your current compliance posture – compliant; covered; not compliant et al. These status comments are customizable to suit specific corporate or departmental needs. C2C’s innovative approach to mapping creates a simplified and centralized approach for Compliance Infrastructure Management™.