IT Governance

Information Technology Governance — A subset discipline of Corporate Governance focused on information technology (IT) systems, their performance and risk management.

The rising interest in IT Governance is partly due to compliance initiatives (e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley [USA] and Basel II [Europe]), as well as the acknowledgment that IT projects can easily get out of control and profoundly affect the performance of an organization.

Why is IT Governance Important?

  • IT is competing for budget and needs to become a business focused discipline that brings value
  • IT is viewed by senior management as “Fire Fighters” and not as planners or implementers
  • IT is viewed as a monetary drain on business
  • IT needs to compete effectively at the “C” level
  • Business does not perceive IT as value for money
  • The discipline of IT primarily deals with the connection between business focus and the IT management of an organization. It highlights the importance of IT related matters and states that strategic IT decisions should be owned by the corporate board, rather than by the CISO/CSO or other IT managers

The C2C SmartCompliance Approach

C2C has developed a management methodology that helps IT organizations understand and refocus their efforts to the business world. This helps IT organizations gain the respect needed to be successful. The C2C methodology has been designed around ISO 38500 the latest IT Governance ISO standard and the Val-IT Framework.

C2C will show you how to:

  • Align IT strategy with the business strategy
  • Implement cascading strategies and frameworks into the operational enterprise
  • Provide organizational structures that facilitate the implementation of strategies and goals
  • Implement the appropriate control framework to support IT and business goals
  • Measuring IT’s performance
  • Our teams consist of experienced compliance specialists who know the rules, and have implemented and assessed compliance for numerous clients. We provide support at the strategic level by maximizing competitive advantages from regulation through to the operational level

If you have GRC challenges and need expert advice, please contact us for more information on how C2C SmartCompliance can help your organization.