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Compliance Mapper Features

  • Personal workspaces allow users to create, save, and modify their own workspace data to specific requirements – NO MAPPING TRAINING REQUIRED
  • Flexibility to support numerous compliance projects or other initiatives
  • Sharing of workspaces for collaboration on enterprise-wide projects
  • Multi directional linking ‘to’ and ‘from’ nodes. (This cannot be effectively achieved using Hyperlinks without considerable work imbedding links into documents and processes)
  • Linking direction can be easily switched for baseline consistency
  • Simple interface for quick changes or addition of new requirements, regulations and standards
  • HTML editing attribute for Hyperlinks creation to link external information in other domains (if required)
  • Links status customization
  • Text, image, document attachment attributes available to describe nodes (Document repository)
  • Full administration, security and access controls, multiple user groups
  • Full reporting capability provides documented mappings and other reports related to trees and nodes that are linked or not linked. Interface to Mind Maps™ for extensive diagrammatic views
  • Disable and re-enable controls – as required
  • Import and export capability for bulk loading
  • Assessment question creation and storage for use with task assignment tied to compliance requirements
  • Assessment questionnaire customization – weightings, colors, answers
  • Read-only/reporting status for users
  • Full audit logging
  • Management summary screens
  • Task notifications tied to attachment reviews and compliance requirements
  • Trace link capability for visibility into how changes can impact other regulations, standards and policies
  • Project management, workflow and tracking with intuitive color coding for status
  • Resource costing
  • Conditional email notifications
  • Powerful search capability for all content - comparative search and single search
  • Centralized, non-local storage for security and flexibility


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